Luiza Flynn-Goodlett

Luiza Flynn-Goodlett migrated to the Bay Area after completion of her MFA at The New School. She was awarded the Andrea Klein Willison Prize for Poetry upon graduation from Sarah Lawrence College. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in numerous literary journals, including Meridian, Prism Review, Carve, ZYZZYVA, and The Greensboro Review. Her chapbook, Congress of Mud, will be published by Finishing Line Press this spring.


"Things I Could Tell You About Onions," DIAGRAMforthcoming 2017

"Discharge Questionnaire," DIAGRAMforthcoming 2017

"Will,"Tar River Poetry, forthcoming 2017

"Prayer for Appetite," Colorado Review, forthcoming 2017

"Bigot Season," Redivider, forthcoming 2017

"Spontaneous Generation," The Cincinnati Review, 2017

"Heavily Redacted," Granta2016

"Middle School Prayer," Indiana Review, 2016

"Sky," New Ohio Review, 2016

"Limits of Language," Epiphany Magazine, 2016

"Superstition," Dogwood, 2016

"To Ms. Melton," Naugatuck River Review, 2016

"American Dialectic," The Briar Cliff Review, 2016

"Before the Body," Superstition Review, 2016

"Nurse Logs," Superstition Review, 2016

"Studies Have Shown," Superstition Review, 2016

"Phantoms," WomenArts Quarterly, 2016

"Tell," Sugar House Review, 2016

"At Mill Creek," Sugar House Review, 2016

"Vessel," Sugar House Review, 2016

"Nothing Happened," Sugar House Review, 2016

"Indian Lake," The Missouri Review online, 2015

"Simple Things," The Greensboro Review, 2015

"Passenger," ZYZZYVA, 2015

"Sleepy Sickness," Carve, 2015

"Cassandra for Now," Quaint, 2015

"Of This World," Hobart, 2015

"Downstate," Hobart, 2015

"Séance Sunday," Hobart, 2015

"Ghost Light," Bayou Magazine, 2014

"Weight of the World," Burningword Literary Journal, 2014

"Master Birdman," Burningword Literary Journal, 2014

"Ghost Plane," Burningword Literary Journal, 2014

"The Swallet," The Adirondack Review, 46er Prize runner-up, 2014

"Indian Lake," Bellingham Review,  49th Parallel Poetry Award finalist, 2014

River Styx International Poetry Contest finalist, 2014

"The Fistula," Prism Review, 2013

“Cowgirl Love Song,” CALYX Journal, 2012

"Change," Lumina, 2012

"For Osama," Meridian, 2012

"Unlived," egg, 2012

UNO Writing Contest for Study Abroad runner-up, 2011

"The Vision," Cartyns Poetry Journal, 2011

"The Times," Cartyns Poetry Journal, 2011

"Animal Time," Cartyns Poetry Journal, 2011

"Fossor’s Lament," Cartyns Poetry Journal, 2011

"The Mutter Museum," Ghost Ocean Magazine, 2011

"Conductor," Ghost Ocean Magazine, 2011

"The World Magnetic," Ghost Ocean Magazine, 2011

"Naked Eye," Four and Twenty, 2010

"Short History of A Love" Breadcrumb Scabs, 2009

"The Surgeon Writes His Elegy," Oberon Poetry, 2009




Congress of Mud (chapbook), Finishing Line Press, 2015

Look Alive (chapbook), The Atlas Review Chapbook Series finalist, 2016

Rib/Box (chapbook), Verse Tomaž Šalamun Prize semi-finalist, 2015

Harm's Way (full-length manuscript), Crab Orchard Series in Poetry First Book Award semi-finalist, 2016

Tatterhood (full-length manuscript), Crab Orchard Series in Poetry First Book Award semi-finalist, 2015

Tatterhood (full-length manuscript), Trio House Press Trio Award semi-finalist, 2015

Congress of Mud (full-length manuscript),  Black Lawrence Press, St. Lawrence Book Award finalist, 2014